Interior Plantscaping

Interior plantscaping is the skilful practice of integrating living plants into interior environments. The rich array of benefits indoor plants bring to occupants have their foundations in Biophilic Design – a practice which honours our innate connection with nature. Plantscaped interiors offer moments with nature at every turn, reducing stress and improving health and wellbeing. We love to integrate living plants into homes in exciting ways, from in-floor trees to suspended clusters of hanging planters, custom made kokedama, to lush vertical gardens. A range of indoor plants also purify the air from VOCs and offer an effective solution for the improvement of indoor air quality for a healthier home. Our design process considers your brief in detail and offers robust solutions to ensure your new living installation thrives for years to come. We survey your home’s environmental characteristics such as natural light, air flow and temperature along with aesthetic factors such as colour, form, pattern and scale. We consider your pets and ensure specified plants and the location of them are safe for them as well as you and your family. In line with our philosophy of responsibility, we work with local nurseries that are EcoHort certified and supply the highest quality locally grown plants and growing media.