studio203 is an architecture and interiors practice delivering innovative design thinking, engaging spaces and sustainable outcomes. The studio is focussed on sustainable, place specific design, seeks to maximise amenity and enhance wellbeing.

We balance family living with design spaces and embrace modern, minimalist aesthetic with an integral approach to design, which involves collaboration with consultants and authorities early in the project.

studio 203 is an emerging practice founded in 2018 and operates from Sydney and Canberra, with work currently being recognised in local and national awards and nominations.

Our contributions to sustainable design have been recognised in recent awards and nominations for Lilyfield House: 2019 Inner West Council Sustainable Building Award, Finalist 2019 Sustainability Award and Finalist 2019 Houses Awards – Sustainability.

Our cardboard architecture design of Fashionably Early, a Think Tank fashion exhibition in GAD Canberra curated by a close friend employed a zero-waste cycle. The message of the show, considerate and sustainable fashion, is reflected in the materiality and construction of the exhibition architecture: folded cardboard assembled with cardboard tubes, all made of recycled materials to be recycled again.

Green Credentials

The work of studio203 revolves around sustainable design combined with sophisticated technology, integrated into elegant and functional architecture and interiors. We promote the re-use of existing structures, whether whole buildings or structures like carports that can be rejuvenated or incorporated, and the use of sustainable building products. We work closely with a Sustainability Consultant, an Environmental Engineer or other expert consultants to achieve desired environmental performance.