STAR Architecture

Founded in 2015 by Aleksandra Savic Rakocevic, STAR Architecture is a dynamic architecture and interior design practice with a strong design focus.

Our design methodology is always informed by making intelligent decisions about perceived constraints.  The ability to be adaptable during the design process is critical to our practice philosophy, both in terms of researching programmatic requirements and making appropriate design responses.

Our team is dedicated to developing sleek, intelligent designs that identify the architectural potential of a space – and fulfil it. Our focus is to fuse sustainability with practical living through the experience of space, materials and light.

We believe that the client-architect relationships carry the design process: from conversation to concept, consultation to completion. Being a small studio we have developed a wide knowledge and set of competences, where the combined efforts of all our collaborators has great significance in the project’s final result.

Part of our design philosophy recognises the importance of cost-monitoring as a necessary constraint that can often inspire innovative design solutions. This approach requires flexibility and adaptability in the design process and is familiar to our practice from many years of experience.