Sustainable Residential Design

At Project Habitation, we work closely with you to understand your needs and design spaces that enhance your life. We manipulate form, space and texture, light and shade, openness and enclosure to create beautiful environments inside and out. Spaces that function well, that define you and how you like to live and work.  Whether it’s a sunlit breakfast in the courtyard, a cool breeze in summer or sharing a drink on the deck watching the setting sun, we help you bring these moments to life. To achieve all this, our designs are tailored to your needs, your taste, your site and your budget.

We seek to celebrate the best aspects of the local climate and connect intimately with the outdoors. Cool in summer, cosy in winter and delightful day and night, rain and shine. Sustainable designs by Project Habitation can save you money and energy, water and resources. Our designs can help you get the most out of every square meter with efficient planning and adaptable spaces. We favour constructions systems and materials that are affordable, effective and familiar to local builders.