Sustainability Consultants

HIP V. HYPE Sustainability provides consultancy services across three key areas: Better Buildings, Better Cities & Regions and Better Business.

Better Buildings
Our Better Buildings Team are experts in integrating environmental, social and economic sustainability into buildings of all scales. Our advice helps to deliver buildings that are more comfortable, have cleaner, fresher air, cost less to operate and tread lightly on the environment.

_Sustainable Design, Strategy & Implementation
_Building Physics & Modelling
_Zero Carbon, Climate Change & Resilience
_Health & Wellbeing
_Certifications & Compliance

Better Cities & Regions
Our Better Cities & Regions Team drive long term change by supporting effective action on climate change, including a transition to a zero carbon and circular economy and the creation of climate resilient precincts and communities.

_Sustainable Planning & Policy
_Sustainable Precincts
_Climate Strategies & Plans
_Program Design, Implementation & Evaluation

Better Business
Across our built environment, businesses are grappling with how they can address climate change in a meaningful way. Market drivers, risks and issues are unique to each business. We work with businesses of all sizes to help establish, deliver, and evaluate their sustainability and climate change strategies.

_Sustainability Framework & Action Plan
_Understanding Climate Risk
_Implementation Support
_Carbon Neutral with Climate Active

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