Sustainability Specialists

Better Buildings

As Sustainable Design and Integrated Systems Specialists we act as critical collaborators working with the client, lead designer and consultant team. We’re not interested in producing a report and disappearing – we take ownership, provide strategic direction and remain responsible for the integration of sustainable solutions throughout project design, certification, construction, commissioning and handover.


_Sustainability Vision and Principle Setting
_Sustainable Design Workshop Facilitation
_Concept Design Simulation
_Town Planning Approval (SMP, STORM, BESS)
_Design Optimisation (Principles Based)
_Design Optimisation (Simulation Based)
_Performance Specification for Engineering Disciplines Documentation Review
_Rating, Benchmarking and Certification
_NCC Section J Compliance Reporting (including JV3 modelling)
_Energy Audits
_Building Commissioning Process and Technical Advice Through Construction Operations, Maintenance and Policies Review
_Post Occupancy Assessment and Optimisation
_Building Retrofitting Technical Advice

Technical Theme

_Passive Design
_Sustainable Servicing Strategy
_Energy Supply
_Integrated Water Strategy
_Waste and Resource Recovery Strategy Life Cycle Impacts
_Health and Wellbeing
_Urban Ecology

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