Geoexchange: Heating, Cooling and Hot Water

Geoexchange Australia specialises in central air-conditioning & hot water systems that have superior energy performance.

The Geoexchange technology solution

A Geoexchange system can save you:

  • Up to 50 percent on heating & cooling bills compared to standard reverse cycle air-conditioning, or
  • Up to 80% compared to LPG boilers of radiant heat systems.

The above savings are possible because Geoexchange systems access more stable temperatures beneath the earth throughout the year, thereby optimising the efficient use of electrical energy.

How Geoexchange works

Absorption of solar radiation / energy by the ground (e.g. 47% of the sun’s energy that reaches the Earth) is the renewable energy source of Geoexchange systems.

In most locations, ground depths greater than 2 to 3 metres provide a stable temperature environment that is around the yearly average air temp. for that location.

Geoexchange systems utilise solar energy stored within the earth for heating buildings (e.g. a comparatively warmer earth is used as a heat source in winter) and as heat rejection (e.g. a comparatively cooler earth is used as a heat sink in summer).

System Components

The two main components of a geoexchange system are the ground loop or ground heat exchanger and the Ground Source Heat Pump (or geothermal heat pump), which is typically located within the building or plant room. The ground loop provides the passive component of the system, whereas the Ground Source Heat Pump provides the mechanical component.


During the heating cycle, a geoexchange system uses the earth loop to extract heat from the ground. As the system pulls heat from the loop it distributes it through a conventional duct system as warm air (water to air). The same heat energy can also be used for a radiant floor system, swimming pools and spas (water to water).


In the cooling mode, a geoexchange system air conditions your home by reversing the heating process. Instead of extracting heat from the ground, it is extracted from your home and either moved back into the earth loop, or used to preheat the water in your hot water tank. Once the heat is removed from the air by being passed through the loop, it is distributed through the duct system in your home.

See the video below for more details.


Benefits of a Geoexchange System

  • Increased Efficiency Means Cost Savings
  • Increased Comfort
  • Reduced CO2 Emissions
  • Quiet Operation
  • Increased Design Flexibility
  • Increased Floor Space
  • Increased Reliability and Reduced Maintenance
  • Increased Safety and Public Health
  • Reduced Base and Peak Load Demand


Design Philosophy

GeoExchange Australia understands the importance of design as an integral part of a successful system. While we have great engineers, it is also our design philosophy that sets us apart.

In order to give you a tailor made solution to your heating and cooling needs, the framework we adopt for the assessment and design of a geoexchange system is the LEAF Design Philosophy.


Green Credentials

Ground Source Heat Pumps are beyond the existing local energy rating scale. All Ground Source Heat Pumps confirm with international certifications where applicable.

Geoexchange: How it works, the Australian and metric version