Folk Architects’ designs are about people and experiences. We activate spaces by integrating art, design, science and technology in a way that is collaborative, innovative, and pragmatic yet playful. Our approach is to engage with people in a site specific and shared design process that explores the possibilities of architecture and how it can contribute to and enhance our everyday.



More than just sensitivity to the environment, Folk’s concept of sustainability encompases economic simplicity and a respect for location. Architectural intelligence and compassion for our fragile environment ensures each project captures the desires of its users, and has a positive environmental and cultural impact.



Natural curiosity drives a desire to understand how people live and work, and explore how this changes as we become global citizens with fragmented working lives. We care about post occupancy outcomes, and how each project will grow and develop over time.


Civic Generosity

It is the role of design to respond to social and environmental conditions. Our approach is compassionate, referencing the climate, science, technical changes and social and contemporary issues. We use our skills as architects to improve the lives and wellbeing of others.



We Folk provide architectural solutions that create happy and safe communities and deliver a positive legacy with social, environmental and economic benefits that extend beyond the physical dimension of architecture.