Passive House Design

Located in Sydney, we specialise in new builds, alterations & additions, interior renovations and Passive House Design.
We work closely with our clients, listening to their design and functional brief, how our clients live their life and what visually inspires them.

As members of the Australian Passive House Association, we believe in designing smarter, healthier and more sustainable homes. As architects and designers, we have been given an opportunity to change the future and help build a better planet for the generations to come. In our view PassiveĀ  House, or Passivhaus, is the best way to achieve this.

It is considered the most rigorous, voluntary building standard in the design and construction industry. This methodology is more than window placement and cross flow ventilation. Passivhaus is a scientific assessment and results in a building that requires 90% less heating and cooling energy compared to a conventional building.

Sub urban and urban areas do not have the privilege to choose window placements, best cross ventilation and off grid living. Passivhaus can give residents in cities the benefit of clean living until the rest of the world catches up.