Architecture & Interior Design

At C.Kairouz Architects we offer sustainably minded architectural, interior and building design services for residential buildings throughout Melbourne and Victoria. We tailor our custom designs according to the clients needs and budget constraints, we listen and provide a transparent and an open dialogue through the entire process. From concept through to completion our approach is hands on, the directors are involved from the get go managing each step.

Our clients get involved as much or as little as they would like to. We collaborate with them all the way to ensure the built result is as imagined in the beginning.

Our team is diverse and each individual comes from a unique background with a different skill set. We believe that our staff truly reflect the clients and communities who we design for and can provide a personalized experience to each project.

We have a strong construction background and have a thorough understanding of the building process. Therefore our creations are designed to be built, and built well.

Sustainability is at the forefront of each project, and we champion the use of new technologies and ways of thinking to help curb our effects on the environment.