Adrian Bonomi Architect

Architect Adrian Bonomi practices from Victoria’s stunning Mornington Peninsula. The practice is dedicated to producing residential and agricultural business architecture integrated with landscape. Adrian works in collaboration with local craftspeople, builders and consultants to give each project and each client the care and attention required to execute works of the highest order.

The core philosophy of the practice is to design unique buildings that respond richly to the diverse needs of his clients and that interact seamlessly with the extraordinary local landscape. Drawing inspiration from an understanding of place and time, his works avoid stylised, fashionable and formalistic solutions. To realise these aims one requires a thorough understanding of construction, the place and the local community. A careful evaluation of the client’s brief, understanding their personality, their lifestyle and architectural ambition are critical in the early stages of each project.

The architectural response is free and rooted in landform, sheltering, poetic in expression and efficient in function and materials.¬†The elements of nature are coherently and legibly woven into Adrian’s work.

A thorough understanding of passive solar design, sustainable materials and a core interest in modest footprint dwellings ensures ultimate comfort, energy efficiency and good value.