Natural and Commercial Grade Fabrics and Wallpapers

Willie Weston works with Indigenous artists to create curated collections of natural fabrics, commercial grade fabrics and wallpapers, for both residential and commercial applications. We also create custom soft furnishings for our clients. All fabrics and wallpapers are printed to order in Australia, eliminating wastage and excess.

Artists are paid for each metre produced, providing ongoing income str­eams outside their main art practice. In doing so, Willie Weston supports the continuance of art production, and contributes to viable livelihoods, in communities across remote Australia.

Willie Weston’s ambition is to celebrate the diverse artistic output of Indigenous artists, to challenge preconceptions about Indigenous design, and to support its integration into our built environments.

Our current collections feature original artworks by artists from Ampilatwatja in Central Australia and the Tiwi Islands north of Darwin.

Our designs and fabric options can be viewed here, and our wallpapers can be viewed here.

For trade or retail pricing, please contact us.