House Frames – Outdoor Entertainment Areas

How about a beautiful timber structure that holds up your home AND you can see, admire and enjoy it?

Our traditionally crafted and beautifully jointed timber frames do not have any nails, steel or glues to hold the timbers together – just good old school timber joinery.

We use naturally termite resistant timbers that are of large scale.  Our frames are designed and engineered to suit any location within Australia – be it tropical, cyclonic, snow fields or any other climate, our frames conform to the specific engineering requirements of that region/site.

Each frame is bespoke and custom designed from single story, split level to multi rise, either for the whole house or just parts of.  We work with our customers to ensure our frames fit into their design and budget.  Crafted in our workshop in the Adelaide Hills, our frames then get shipped anywhere within Australia and are erected on site by a skilled crew of timber framers.  The raising can take from 1 – 5 days depending on the size and complexity of each frame.  As each frame is test assembled in our workshop, site work is kept to a minimum.

Our frames work well with complete house frames, partial house frames, trusses and outdoor entertainment areas as well as garden follies.


Green Credentials

Our timbers are sourced from sustainable Australian sources - often directly from the mill.
Timbers like red ironbark, spotted gum and cypress pine are naturally termite resistant.