Recycled Timber Flooring and Cladding

We specialise in milling floorboards and cladding out of old house roof timbers. Species include Ash, Blackbutt, Spotted Gum, North Coast Mahogany, Turpentine and Brushbox. The freshly milled tongue and groove means that they go together tightly and install quickly like a new board.

We can dress the surface lightly, to leave a more rustic patina which we call a sawtooth finish, or we can mill back further for a cleaner appearance showing more of the grain and colour of the timber.

Thor’s Hammer also supplies flooring pulled up from old factories, wool stores and houses. Depending on their age, these salvaged boards often have fine cracks and a dark patina. This can be left with just a clean and a light oil for a rustic look which is very low maintenance, or sanded back and polished to reveal more of the colour of the timbers.

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