Recycled Bricks

Homeowners, architects, builders, landscapers, designers and shopfitters have been relying on The Brick Pit for quality recycled bricks since 1975.

Today after more than 4 decades of service, The Brick Pit leads the industry with numerous award winning and notable projects in Australia and overseas.

The business model is upcycling for reuse. When brick structures are demolished, pre-1950s bricks are rescued and upcycled for reuse in new projects.

Upcycling is unique in that it does not involve the destruction of the original product in order to produce a new product. For this reason it is the highest, most energy efficient and environmentally sustainable form of recycling in the world. It also preserves the irreplaceable, historic brick from which our nation was built.

The Brick Rescue automated upcycling process brings a level of quality and consistency to the end product that is unmatched in the marketplace. Browse the project and inspiration galleries on our website and make an appointment to discuss your project. Custom blends are our specialty and our expert staff will help you get the look you want.

The video below is of Wollongong University’s Sustainable Buildings Research Centre and features our recycled brick on the interior, exterior and landscaping. This extraordinary project by Cox Richardson Architects has been awarded a 6 Star Green Star rating by the Green Building Council of Australia – a testament to the environmental, energy and conservation benefits of reusing brick.

The Brick Pit was specified by Cox Richardson Architects to supply recycled brick for the 6 Star Green Star rated Sustainable Building Research Centre. The use of recycled brick on both the interior and exterior of this flagship sustainability project speaks to the superiority of upcycling bricks for reuse over crushing them for road base. Wollongong University’s Sustainable Building Research Centre’s 6 Star Green Star rating represents ‘World Leadership’ in environmentally sustainable design practices.