Woodsmith – a new range of Tasmanian Oak Engineered Flooring

A new Tasmanian Oak engineered flooring product, Woodsmith, has been introduced to the national marketplace. The product is receiving outstanding feedback and interest from architects and designers.

Handcrafted by expert hands from the finest hardwood Tasmanian Oak, Woodsmith engineered flooring reflects the quality and versatility of Tasmania’s southern forest. Woodsmith begins its life in Tasmania’s arresting mountain ranges, before being planed, sanded and meticulously finished in six modern designer colours.

The timber is grown in a cool climate in a resource-rich, fertile environment, with abundant clean air and reliable rainfall. This environment ensures a pure and consistent natural product, ideal for appearance products.

The finer details

The original, handcrafted flooring is the perfect designer choice for premium decorative themes and project choices.

  • The straight, consistent grain and 165mm flooring profile creates a sense of expansiveness and organic flow for a myriad of interior applications.
  • Quarter sawing ensures a smooth, uninterrupted visual continuity.
  • Woodsmith comes with a 25 year warranty on the generous 3.2mm genuine Tasmanian Oak lamella.
  • Woodsmith products are prefinished and also come with a lifetime structural warranty due to the durable, layered construction of the flooring. It is stable, flexible, resistant to warping and shrinkage, and suitable for all residential and light commercial applications.
  • State of the art production techniques ensure a product that is hard wearing, highly resistant to foot traffic and everyday living.

A sustainable and local timber

Woodsmith engineered flooring is manufactured from sustainable regrowth Tasmanian Oak, which possesses a rare natural beauty. The timber is then expertly milled to ensure waste is minimised and the yield maximised.

 Woodsmith is produced by Neville-Smith Forest Products (NSFP), a Tasmanian company that has been producing beautiful, sustainable timber products since 1924.

About Neville-Smith Forest Products

NSFP produces high quality, sustainable, Tasmanian Oak hardwood products for local, domestic and international markets through an integrated hardwood processing business operating from Southwood, near Hobart, and Mowbray in Launceston, Tasmania.