Stûv 16

With clean lines showcasing the flames to perfection and ultra-enhanced combustion technology guaranteeing performance, Stûv 16 is a brilliant and beautiful fireplace for every home.

  • Self cleaning glass
  • Available in 3 configurations
  • Easy to install
  • Passive house ready


Stûv 16 showcases the spectacle of flames through its refined design. This Stûv model is a modern wood stove with a large opening that distributes heat in abundance.

The combustion design of the Stûv 16 optimises efficiency while reducing its environmental impact. A single damper control adjusts the 3 air supplies helping you regulate the heat output and optimise the combustion of the wood to reduce the production of ash. With their perfectly straight lines, Stûv 16 woodstoves are timeless and suitable for every style. Stûv goes to great lengths to conceal the features of its appliances, providing minimal distractions and a breathtaking view of the fire.

Stûv 16 offers outstanding flexibility as well as incredible heating efficiency. Decide whether you prefer the modular drawer base, the log store base, no base at all, or the wall hung version.