Contemporary by design the Pet lamp is made using ancient artisan textile traditions. Each lamp is unique, from the colour, pattern and cord selected. The idea to design the Pet Lamp grew from a project which wanted to resolve the issue of plastic waste contaminating the Colombian Amazon. Thus converting the plastic bottle an object with a short and specific lifespan into a product enriched by the cosmogony of the local culture.


This single pendant is part of the Chimbarongo collection, Chile. Year 2013.
The lamps in this collection reflect the natural character of wicker and the sober personality of the craftsmen in central Chile. They are a piece of bold and contemporary design, weightless and yet with a great presence, as if floating in the illuminated space.

*Please note colour, pattern and cord are selected at random.

One single lamp includes: One lampshade, it’s electrical installation, 1.5 meters cable and a rosette.

Designer: Alvaro Catalán de Ocón
Brand: PET Lamp Studio – Madrid, Spain
Materials: Handmade from reused PET bottles and wicker
Dimensions: ø 77 cm aprox. H: 60 cm aprox