Off Grid Power System

Solar Power – Get off the Grid!

Whether you are tree changing, farming, getting away from it all or just want to get off the grid, Rainbow Power specialise in designing and manufacturing off grid solar systems for single dwellings, businesses, farms, or even entire villages!


Only the best!

We only use the very best technology in all our systems.  We have lived and worked with solar for over 30 years and know that if you want reliable power, only the best will do!


Off Grid Solar Power – SMA Energy Systems – Systems


Our Large/Commercial Solar Systems utilise state-of-art technology to power anything from single homes or farms to entire villages.


Latest German technology from SMA™ is at the heart of our large/commercial solar power systems. Simply put, users and solar panels are connected to the same 230V AC circuit, hence during sunshine hours the generated solar electricity directly powers 230V devices (without draining your batteries). This technology is known as ‘AC coupling’ – extremely efficient and cost effective, particularly for larger systems.
Watch the SMA Mini-Grid Video.


You can connect any number of solar panels or other generators (up to 300 kW) using the above technology to create a self-sufficient Mini Electricity Grid. The modular design of SMA power systems allows for later upgrades by adding more generators, inverter/chargers and/or inverters.


Large off-grid solar systems can be built in clusters. Each cluster consists of a battery bank with its own dedicated chargers. The clusters are then combined to deliver the required energy output. The cluster design avoids single points of failure; in the event that one cluster fails, only one sub-system will be affected and the Mini Grid will still be operational.

Rainbow Power Company were one of the first solar power companies in Australia and their reputation is built on solid understanding of solar power, reliability and longevity in the industry.  We can either install your system for you or dispatch as a pre-wired kit to be installed by an electrician.

Rainbow Power Company – people you can trust.