Qcells new battery solution for home energy storage

Qcells – the award winning, international, solar panel and battery manufacturer – has launched its third generation energy storage system (ESS) in Australia: the Q.HOME CORE.

Manufactured in South Korea, the groundbreaking new technology will be the first ESS to have a 15-year product warranty, the longest standard warranty from any battery provider in Australia, reinforcing the brand’s reputation for producing a high quality product.

With around 30% of all Australian homes fitted with rooftop solar PV, and more than 3 million rooftop solar PV systems installed across the nation, Australia has the highest penetration of solar globally. The new modular storage system is suitable for homes looking for both solar and battery solutions, and for those with an existing solar system installed.

The Q.HOME CORE combines premium design with affordable pricing, ensuring your unused solar energy can be accessed all day, reducing your grid energy use by 80% on average, compared to 40% when using only rooftop solar.

Q-Cells provides a one stop shop supplying PV panels, ESS, software and a retail plan and as Qcells Australia General Manager Mick Fell notes, “We meet customers where they are at”, by catering for consumers needs whether they already have panels and wish to add on storage or require a total solution. Mick points out, the storage solution deals with low feed in tariffs, high energy bills and poor energy supply.

The modular system consists of a Q.VOLT inverter, which has a 5.0kW capacity and the option for hybrid or AC-coupled integration, meaning that the system works seamlessly with new and existing solar modules. The Q.SAVE battery uses a Samsung SDI lithium-ion cell with storage volume of 6.86kWh and can be connected with  up to three additional units for a maximum of 20.5kWh capacity.

The batteries are able to be both floor and wall mounted and include an app enabling households to monitor their system data.

The premium product is designed to keep your home powered consistently. With the ability to work without an internet connection, the Q.HOME CORE will stay running during blackouts.

The first Q.HOME CORE systems in Australia has been approved as part of the innovative Solar Victoria Virtual Power Plant (VPP) Pilot Program. The program, which has recently been extended, offers $4,174 to eligible Victorians.

Qcells Australia is one of only five approved partners for the program and offers participants a fully-integrated energy solution including Qcells solar panels, a 100% green energy plan and the Q.HOME CORE energy storage system. With solar feed-in-tariffs for exporting solar to the grid at an all-time low, this is a great way for Australians to generate additional value from their solar system.

To enquire about securing a Q.HOME CORE for your home visit qcells.com/au