Innovative Q.MAXX BLK-G5+ and Q.MAXX-G5+ Solar Modules

Qcells’ latest solar module offering, the Q.MAXX BLK-G5+ and Q.MAXX-G5+ will utilise next level Q.ANTUM DUO technology to bring Australian homeowners quality energy they can rely on.

Qcells — the renowned international solar panel and battery manufacturer — has announced that two new solar modules will join its list of industry leading next generation solar panels: the Q.MAXX BLK-G5+ and Q.MAXX-G5+.

With orders available now, the panels will be ready for Australian homes during February 2023.

Ensuring a reliable investment, both new solar modules have a 25 year product and 25 year performance warranty and are based on a refinement of Qcells’ proprietary Q.ANTUM DUO Technology, which has been further developed to deliver greater power and efficiency. The power class has been increased up to 15Wp compared to the previous modules.

Ideal for residential buildings, both the Q.MAXX BLK-G5+ and Q.MAXX-G5+ are a practical size at 1722 mm long. The new modules feature a lighter, and robust frame that allows multiple clamp and bolt options, and up to 13 mounting configurations (3 more than other Qcells modules) with a positive installation experience in mind. The high-tech aluminium alloy frame also withholds extreme weather, certified for high snow (8100 Pa) and wind loads (3600 Pa). As with all Qcells solar modules, the Q.MAXX BLK-G5+ and Q.MAXX-G5+ are rigorously tested

The Q.MAXX G5+ series provides two distinct options for solar buyers – the Q.MAXX-G5+ with a 415 Wp power class which features an outstanding 21.3% maximum module efficiency, as well as the stylish all-black Q.MAXX BLK-G5+ which offers 390-410 Wp power output and 21.0% maximum module efficiency and suits homes looking for a modern architectural look.

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