Double-Hung Windows

Double-hung windows are a traditional style of vertical sliding window used in heritage homes.

Historically, a double-hung or wooden sash window used weights and cords to offset the weight of the open window or sash. Although this system has been used for years, double-hung windows required maintenance as the cords would break and the sash would not stay open.

At Pickering Joinery we manufacture a traditional-style wooden sash window with a modern counterbalanced sash system which utilises the weight of one sash to balance the weight of the other. By sliding up the lower window, the upper window will move equally downwards.

As a modern alternative to traditional timber double-hung windows we also have sashless double-hung windows. These are streamlined and don’t have a timber sash or frame surrounding the two moving panes of counterbalanced glass. Sashless windows open at both the top and bottom in one easy motion and provide outstanding ventilation, just like the traditional timber double-hung system.