Paperock SOLID

Made from layer upon layer of paper responsibly sourced from sustainable sources and bonded with phenolic resin and heat/pressure cured, Paperock is a remarkably strong composite building material.

Paperock’s non-porous surface provides great stain resistance as it absorbs virtually no water.

This incredibly strong composite building material is being used for kitchen benches, commercial/residential food preparation surfaces, cutting boards, architectural materials (structural and aesthetic), industrial work surfaces, boat building, aerospace and furniture and numerous recreational uses.

Paperock is easily workable with CNC-routers to produce signs and other products with intricately detailed architectural components.

Paperock can be installed as full thickness countertops or, because of its superior strength, as thinner panels with a built-up edge.


Paperock SOLID currently comes in the following colours: black

As Paperock is made to order we can accommodate a variety of sizes. You can have Paperock manufactured in the following thicknesses: 25mm, 18mm, 10mm, 6mm.

Our standard sheet sizes are as follows: 2450 x 1230mm sheets, or 3050 x 1230mm sheets.
Max sheets size is 3050 x 1230mm.