Rammed Earth

Olnee Constructions are able to collaborate with Architects, Builders and Engineers seamlessly through our 30 years experience in the rammed earth industry.

Our company is progressive and forward thinking and are open to exploring any design avenue in rammed earth. High walls, curves and facets are all easily achievable with our modular formwork system.

Olnee Constructions rammed earth walls have a high thermal mass. Thermal mass is the capacity of a material to store energy as heat. Each day earth-built walls absorb daytime heat and release it for warming during the night.
Olnee Constructions rammed earth walls are sustainable. They need not be painted or plastered, are very low in embodied energy, there is no out-gassing and they are non-toxic and non-polluting.
Used in passive solar design, Olnee Constructions insulated and Olnee Constructions solid rammed earth walls can be used for both interior and exterior walls to help maintain a constant internal temperature without the need for additional heating or cooling.