Pelle Rock Maple

This piece was designed in 2016. The strong motivator for the Pelle Casual Chair was pushing fine craft and design skills obtained during an apprenticeship as a furniture maker/craftsperson. This chair displays a delicate balance of a resolved and appealing design aesthetic, function and craftsmanship. This piece defines itself among a flock of chairs by my contemporaries in Australia today.

The Pelle pushes standard furniture making processes to the next level with the intricate shaped round section components. These components junction in to one another with extruded compound cut fillets, this allows enough sufficient joinery to counteract the stress put on the chair frame by the leather slung seat. The leather slung pad is 3mm double butt Italian black leather which is hand stitched around the frame.

This Pelle is available in plantation grown, kiln dried Canadian Hard Rock Maple and American Black Walnut with a black Italian double butt leather hide.

This piece was exhibited in “Moving Forward, Looking Back” ¬†an exhibition between Scott Mitchell and Nicholas @ Craft ACT 2015.

Green Credentials

Plantation grown timber used.