NAVCORE™ – the versatility to let your imagination run wild

Three times lighter than MDF yet deceptively strong and durable, NAVCORE™ is the ideal substrate to create a range of non-structural interior features. Simply finish with one of our premium decorative surfaces to achieve the look of solid timber or a coat of polyurethane paint.

What is NAVCORE™?

NAVCORE™ is a lightweight board with a solid core manufactured from a VOC free Falcata block board and 2.5mm MDF skins on both sides. NAVCORE structure and consistency not only makes the product super light (3 times lighter than solid MDF), but also deceptively strong and highly versatile.

Used as a substrate onto which a decorative surface or a coat of polyurethane paint is applied, NAVCORE™ offers a range of commercial and residential interior applications.

Once cut to the shape and size you require, simply have one of our premium decorative surfaces applied to your NAVCORE™ substrate.

Select from the following premium decorative surfaces to achieve the look of solid timber, minus timber’s challenges:

  • NAVURBAN™ embossed, matt finish in your choice of wood grains,
  • NAVLAM™ sandblasted pre-finished veneer, or
  • ENVIROVEN™ veneer

NAVCORE™ applications

Because NAVCORE™ is so lightweight and easy to work with, designs are limited only by your imagination. NAVCORE™ may be shaped and cut to suit your application and the decorative effect you wish to achieve.

NAVCORE™ applications include (but are not limited to):

  • Vertical and horizontal beams
  • Ceiling fins
  • Screens
  • Suspended shelving
  • Bulkheads
  • Signage

Click here to view the recommended installation methods for various applications.

In short, NAVCORE™ is ideal for any non-structural interior application that requires or would benefit from a lightweight material with a decorative finish.

Browse through our Gallery to see some of the amazing things our clients are creating with NAVCORE™.

Green Credentials

Navcore™ is manufactured with an E0, low VOC substrate. It is tested to Japanese Standard JISA5905:2003 for formaldehyde emissions and achieves an F4****rating.
Product Composition:
Solid Core Falcata Blockboard - VOC Free
2.5mm E0 MDF Skins - F4**** rating
Water-based Glue - VOC Free
EVA Emulsion - F4**** rating