Podium Timber Guitar Stand

Defined by contemporary design and signature materiality, produced sustainably and built to last. We’re proud to showcase the beauty of local craftsmanship, working with some of Australia’s most accomplished designers, manufacturers and artisans.


Expressing the beauty of Victorian Ash, our signature Podium Stand is adapted from its origins as a stone stand to embrace the timeless warmth of timber.

Handcrafted to perfection, each stand comes to life with specific dimensions being determined by your style of guitar to ensure optimal fit. See more at MINIMstudio.co

Green Credentials

We’ve developed six manufacturing principles that guide our design decision-making and help us to continually improve our environmental impact;
1. Maintain transparent manufacturing & labour standards
2. Support independent designers, manufacturers, creatives and makers in our local community
3. Choose product & packaging materials based on C2C principles
4. Minimise our carbon footprint by endeavouring to understand & offset emissions contributions along the supply chain
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