MAXI Edge Plywood Panels

MAXI Edge is a unique plywood panel manufactured in-house by Maxiply in Melbourne. Available as either Solid or Veneer panels, and in 4 X different timbers the MAXI Edge lends itself to a wide range of applications from Bench Tops, Table Tops and Stair Treads to Wall & Ceiling paneling, Flooring and Joinery applications. All MAXI Edge panels are made-to-order to suit each client’s specific requirements and needs.

MAXI Edge Veneer panels can be manufactured as either single or double-sided panels from a 3mm thick veneer and pressed onto a substrate of your choice. Panels can be customized to your specification in long-grain, cross-grain or one of our exciting Geometric Pattern designs.

MAXI Edge Solid panels are available from 20mm up to 60mm thick, 300mm to 1200mm wide and up to 4.8m long as a 1-piece panel! Ideal for Bench and Table Tops, these panels are Long-grain as standard or Cross-grain upon the customers request.