Engineered & Solid Timber Flooring

The mills that supply our domestic Solid Timber Flooring all utilise sustainable milling practices making sure there is minimal impact to our environment. Market Timbers mills conduct their logging operations in accordance with Australia’s strict Forestry guidelines, having high consideration for resource sustainability. This allows the unique ability of regeneration without the need for replanting to be utilised. Market Timbers understands the great importance of increasing our environmental awareness whilst recognizing our responsibilities to the environment.

Along with a variety of sizes, our solid timber flooring is also available in a variety of grades. Below is a brief description of the three common grades available in timber flooring:

  • SELECT GRADE: Timber contains little to no natural imperfection. Boards are chosen carefully to comply with strict Australian Standards. Depending on individual species, Select Grade has a much more uniform appearance and has a very clean look.
  • STANDARD GRADE: Timber contains slight to moderate natural imperfections. These imperfections can include timber’s natural features (ie. Gum Knots, Gum Veins, etc.) Depending on individual species, Standard Grade has a little more colour variation between the boards and can have a slightly lower length specification. Pricing is slightly cheaper than Select Grade.
  • FEATURE GRADE: Timber flooring in a Feature Grade has a very rustic appearance. All natural features and imperfections are permitted. Feature Grade timber flooring is the lowest priced grade. Depending on individual species, colour variation between the boards can be heavy and can contain sapwood. Visit Market Timbers – your local Timber Flooring Melbourne specialist!

‘Engineered’ flooring means the floor board is constructed in layers. Where the ‘top wear layer’ (the area of timber above the tongue of the board) is generally made of solid timber, and the bottom layers are usually a combination of a pine & ply construction. Engineered European Oak offers a range of benefits when it comes to choosing a material for your flooring including:

  • Looks like Solid Timber: One of the main advantages of engineered oak is the top layer of real oak gives it the visual appearance of solid timber.
  • More Durable: Less susceptible to water damage and weather variations.
  • Easy to Install: Installation of engineered timber flooring is easier than solid hardwood as it comes with a tongue and groove connecting system.
  • Wider width: 190 mm widths are achievable due to the layered engineered construction of the board.