Tile & Stone Façade System

The LATICRETE Façade System consists of a series of installation components which provide permanent, high strength, freeze/thaw, thermal and earthquake shock resistant exterior tile, brick or stone façades. For over 60 years, the LATICRETE System has provided the latest technology in construction materials and methods to deliver superior performance.

The Components of the System Include:

  • High strength adhesives providing a high safety factor to resist gravity, wind and seismic movement loads; and flexibility to accommodate movement from thermal shock, moisture expansion and shrinkage drying of substrates
  • A waterproofing membrane which reduces transmission of cracks through the facade, eliminating water leakage and reducing efflorescence
  • Grout jointing materials formulated for high bond strength and flexibility to prevent cracking; they are durable enough to resist deterioration from exposure to sun, freeze/thaw cycling, pollution, ozone, and facade maintenance regimens

Single Source Systems Approach for Façades

  • LATICRETE Polymer Fortified Adhesives provide greater bond strength than AS/ISO 1 requirements.
  • LATICRETE Polymer Fortified Adhesives and Grouts provide superior resistance to extreme environmental conditions and seismic activity
  • Single source provider of key accessory items such as waterpoofing and underlayments
  • Proven for all climates — arctic to tropics
  • Safe, easy-to-install products with water cleanable formulas which reduce labour, material and maintenance costs

Green Credentials

LATICRETE materials are certified by independent laboratories throughout the world to meet or exceed applicable industry standards/norms; including DIN, ANSI, AS, UEAtc, JIS, ASTM, ABSAC, UPC®, ICC, IAPMO, and ISO.

LATAPOXY® 310 Stone Adhesive