Keim Ecosil-ME

Keim Ecosil ME is a high performance, environmentally friendly mineral paint for interior uses. It is the only internal paint that makes use of the MiNox™ effect – using photo-catalytic pigments to reduce gases and odours by transforming them into natural substances. It essentially optimises the air quality of a room to remove nasty toxins.

The paint is water-based, solvent and zero VOC; it’s non-allergenic and odourless nature make it suitable for people who experience allergies. It features extended to being highly breathable and anti-condensation, this is via a microcrystalline structure that is formed with the substrate when applied. This microcrystalline structure gives a high level of light reflectance, which in turn, results in energy savings.

Keim Ecosil-ME is inherently non flammable and mould and fungi resistant.

Green Credentials

- Neutralises noxious gases and pollutants. 
- Water based, solvent and VOC free.
- Increase light reflectivity