hardWALL by Hurford Wholesale

Including only the most individual naturally occurring and man-made features, hardWALL is a high feature product that complements any interior bringing a brutal rustic look and feel.

Each feature represents a period of time that the forest has gone through, whether it is the dense tight grain caused by drought, or dark rouged gum veins caused by scorching wildfires, these features are a chronicle of the history of hardWALL.


RECYCLED by Hurford Wholesale

The end of the line doesn’t have to mean the end of the line…
Sometimes as a product, such as wood, finishes its intended use it doesn’t need to be wasted, the opportunity arises for it to be reborn and given a new lease of life.

Scouring the Northern NSW region for timber that is destined to be scrapped and wasted, we then machine and process the old and produce it into a high quality flooring product. Alternately sort after for wall lining and joinery projects.

Wood source: 100% Recycled Australian Hardwood from discontinued Rail line, Rail line upgrades, Wooden Bridges, Wharfs and Girders.


Le Mur Tonnellerie by Hurford Wholesale

A truly individual and unique French Oak walling feature. Le Mur Tonnellerie is a product embedded with a rich history.

Le Mur Tonnellerie holds a history tracing back to the cherished forests of France, where craftsmen carefully selected lumber to produce a structure and flavour in the fermentation and aging process of the finest red wines.

Wood Source: Carefully deconstructed wooden staves from French Oak Wine Barrels.


* * *

We manufacture a range of traditional VJ, Reverse VJ and Regency timber wall lining from a diverse selection of indigenous Australian hardwoods. Available in a variety of sizes and grades, all of our products can be specified through quality flooring specialist, retailers and timber & hardware resellers.