Heka Hoods

Create Beautiful Lines, Simply.

Heka Hoods is the first standardised aluminium single piece awning hood system in Australia. Being a fully resolved engineered product, our hoods help create the simple clean lines and pleasing aesthetic finish you are after without the uncertainty that customising brings.

Along with the minimalist styling, our hoods provide functional protection from the elements and the Australian made, patented system gives designers and builders great flexibility in their application of the product.

Our hoods are designed in accordance with AS1170.2, Region B & C (equivalent to AS4005 – to N1, N2 & N3 or C1 & C2) and are available in 5 standard widths – HH300, HH450, HH600, HH750 and HH900. Our modular system together with the unique joining system allows for continuous connection and the creation of almost any shape.

The Heka Hoods arrive at the site as a powder-coated finished product ready for a quick and easy installation with no need for brackets, FC sheeting or multiple trades, making them a cost-effective alternative.

Consider adding Heka Hoods to your suite of building products and schedule them into your next suitable project. For more technical information visit our website www.hekahoods.com.au or contact us on (07) 5406 0886.