Glowpear™ Urban Garden

The Glowpear™ Urban Garden is a modular planter with its own integrated self-watering system to ensure plants thrive.

An iconic, contemporary design aesthetic, durable construction, and clever design features make the Glowpear™ Urban Garden perfect for a range of applications on any surface, indoor or out.

Whatever your requirements, the Glowpear™ Urban Garden can stand alone, be built into design features, or be interconnected with additional modules to suit your space and budget.

The Glowpear™ Urban Garden grows with you.

Green Credentials

The Urban Garden is appropriately sized for growing vegetables, with a generous water reservoir. It is double walled which provides a surprising level of insulation from both heat and cold and reduces evaporation. The planter is raised for easy tending, perfect for seated gardening (ideal for the elderly or disabled), and no fuss, leading to enhanced 'grow your own' experiences. By self watering, the Urban Garden allows plants drink what they want, when they want, saving water substantially.