Nature’s Beautiful Floorcoverings

Ours is a specialist market and we have only specialized in natural floorcoverings such as Sisal, Coir and Seagrass. After 34 years we believe that we understand our products, the way they should be installed and treated. The material we use is as followed:

Natural Sisal

This is manufactured from the fiber from the Sisalana Agaves plant which is a cactus plant grown in plantations. The fiber from the leaf is extracted and then cleaned, dried, died, spun and finally loomed into the finished natural floorcovering with a foam backing that you see on this website.

Natural Coir

This fiber is from the husk of the Coconut. It is held in ponds for about 6 months to soften and then is spun and loomed into a very hard wearing floorcovering that has a very casual look, ideal for the Australian home.

We also make the Door Well matting which is latex backed so that it can be cut to the size of any door well.

Natural Seagrass

This is as it is – a grass from the sea. Seagrass is harvested from the seabed and then dried out and woven into the squares and then these squares are sewn together in a bale that is 9 tiles wide x 36 tiles in length.

However, today we also weave Seagrass into 4 meter wide rolls of floorcovering with a latex backing.

To find out more and to even design your own rug, please head to our website.