Produced from high quality timber veneer WoodWall is applied directly to plaster or plasterboard with no requirement for any heavy substrate such as MDF and at less than half the cost of traditional veneered panelling. WoodWall can also be applied to MDF, particleboard and metal and wrapped around metal sections to create timber beams, fins, etc.  Suitable for residential and commercial applications including hospitality, retail, office, yacht and aircraft interiors, WoodWall may be used on walls, elevators, columns, beams and ceilings and is Group 1 fire rated. Its outstanding flexibility means it can cover radiused and curved surfaces, it can even fold around a 1mm radius in the grain direction, for seam free corners. Available in a range of FSC certified Eveneer and natural timbers, the large number of sequenced sheets assures consistent matching.

Green Credentials

WoodWall offers one of the largest sequenced and consistent runs in a natural wood wall-panelling available today. The patented process for slicing incredibly thin veneer increases the log’s yield by approximately 300%.Trees are sourced from managed forests, plantations and FSC certified sources. In addition to the careful selection of individual trees, WoodWall™ features for safer interiors include: Group 1 fire rating, no added formaldehyde, VOC compliance.