Turbocharge your soil with Ecodust.

Ecodust is set to revolutionise garden care… naturally.

Made from volcanic rock dust quarried in Australia, Ecodust’s strong paramagnetic value and mineral dense compound uniquely qualifies it to bring depleted soil back to life.

Focussed on increasing plant health and development by establishing a strong root system and natural immunity through remineralisation, Ecodust helps your garden reach its full potential naturally.

By bringing Mother Nature’s hidden volcanic goodness to the Earth’s surface, Ecodust is beneficial to both ornamental and edible plant-life.

100% safe for both humans and animals, Ecodust is the growing power alternative gardeners have been waiting for.

Over time the goodness in plants’ soil depletes through over use and water wash, Ecodust is able to return your soil to its best and have your garden performing at its peak.

Ecodust is sold in 2kg bags.

Green Credentials

Ecodust is completely and wholly of the earth.
There is no waste product, no chemicals or pesticides.
It is totally natural.