Global Green Tag Certified and Sustainable Tiles

At Earp Bros, we focus on partnering with suppliers that implement environmentally sustainable practices with an aim to radically reducing our carbon footprint. The interior design and architectural community is growing increasingly aware of the importance of environmental best practice and we continue to implement environmentally sustainable initiatives to facilitate this.

Declare Certification

Through The Living Future Institute under their Declare Label system, we are proud to have received Red List Free certification for Porcelanosa Group Wall & Floor Tiles. With no VOC’s or harmful chemical constituents, our Porcelanosa Group green certified tiles are the most eco-friendly option for floor and wall surfaces.

Global GreenTag

4 years ago we decided to become the first tile supplier in Australia to be independently certified by one of the world’s most robust, trusted and widely recognised ecolabels –Ecospecifier Global GreenTag. Our certified range includes Porcelanosa Group Wall + Floor Tiles and STONKER Facade tiles.

  • Buildings use 32% of the world’s resources.
  • Buildings use 12% of the world’s water.
  • Buildings consume 40% of the world’s energy.
  • Buildings produce 40% of all landfill waste and 40% of air emissions.


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Green Credentials

Certified to GreenRate Level A, certification equates to a 'Sustainability Factor' of 100% in the GreenStar rating tools sustainable product credits

> Certified 'very healthy in use'.
> Contains no ingredients which pose health impacts in use.
> Systems shown to protect workers and environments in manufacturing.
> Ethical, child and slavery free employment practices.

Protecting the planet's biodiversity & minimising climate change, these are excellent products compared to 'Business as Usual'.