The Convertible Home

The Convertible Home is an alternative semi-prefabricated modular housing solution. The design incorporates environmentally sustainable design principles, passive design, durability, cost competitiveness, low embodied energy whilst being highly secure, storm & fire resistant .

The modular design principle of the home provides flexibility and the construction system is simple to erect, extend and dismantle if required with relatively unskilled labour. The design incorporates curved operable awnings (electrically operable) which provide an effective way of securing the building from intrusion, fire and storms without compromising the liveability.

Other features of the design include:

  • Unique, lightweight and versatile modular portal frame design and connection details.
  • Open web framing which allows for services to be safely and easily routed during construction or retrospectively
  • Building materials used have the following characteristics: Inherent durability, potential for recycling, serviceability, embodied energy, aesthetics, ease of transportation and overall cost effectiveness.
  • Main superstructure has been designed using lightweight steel framing. Steel has been selected for its superior strength to weight properties, durability, stability and versatility.
  • Ease of assembly.
  • Thermal efficency due to ‘Thermal Chimney’ effect which is in reference to the natural flow of air between externally cladding and the internal walls.
  • The barrel vault shaped roof area maximises rain catchment.
  • The innovative structure reduces wastage through its modular lightweight construction.


The steel framing is prefabricated to standardised lengths and segments for the floor, wall and roof framing. Installing the roof/wall sheeting horizontally has eliminated the additional energy and costs associated with roll forming and makes transportation and fixing of the sheets easier.

Green Credentials

- Storm & Fire Resistant
- Passive House Design
- Durable
- Low Embodied Energy