Happy Days Range

The iconic Happy Days clothesline range from Coastal Clotheslines draws on solid design cues reflective of founder Dave Johnson’s aircraft engineering trade. Sleek, robust, stylish and smart- these clotheslines focus on form and functionality.

Think space-saving, folding and discreet clotheslines handmade from durable marine-grade stainless steel to ensure they withstand salty environments.

Spanning up to 4 metres from outer bracket to bracket with a maximum of 6 lines the Happy Days range incorporating Duplex wire will be a clothesline you can love for life. This small family company’s ethos based on sustainability is reflected in a lifetime warranty on the stainless steel brackets, with no plastics and zero emissions during passive solar energy fabrication.

The range covers the follow lines:

Happy Days Fixed

Happy Days 6

Happy Days Post to Post

All products are:

Stainless – Durable – Rust-free

Green Credentials

Our manufacturing is based on passive solar energy with zero emissions and no plastics- just stainless steel.
Our ethos is based on minimal waste due to our patented methodology that reflects our sustainable approach.