Australian Architectural Hardware

“It is quite simple – we want to be the best in architectural hardware; the best bits and parts people in the world”, says architect Hannah Tribe of Bit Part. Partnering with master metal craftsman, Adam Corry, there was a meeting of minds in terms of their mutual philosophy. Both valued quality and longevity while learning from one another aesthetically and practically in what became transference of skills. “Hannah and I bring our different expertise to an object or problem, we draw and talk, and there is some 1+1 =7 magic that happens when the collaboration is good”, says Adam.

Concentrating on pure materials – marble, brass, stainless steel and bronze – they worked to minimise the number of moving parts, to experiment with unfinished surfaces and concentrate on the sensation of touch. Bit Part plays to the strength that door hardware is the point of sensory engagement in the home. “We want Bit Part hardware to feel cool and heavy, to register human touch and get better with age,” says Hannah.