Urban food production is part of our future sustainability, social connection and food security.

Foodwall™ is a stylish garden that is water efficient, modular, high yield and suited to any outdoor urban space.

Developed for urban food growing applications in space limited urban areas like courtyards, rooftops and balconies. Foodwall™ has been designed in Australia to meet the needs of the urban gardener.

The innovative design creates constant optimal growing conditions through an advanced wicking design which enables aeration, drainage and watering to occur passively all day and night to meet the varying demands of vegetables.  No need to spend hours watering a garden, Foodwall™ does it for you during the week.

Connect multiple units together and grow a wide range of vegetables, herbs and flowers without needing pumps to move water through the garden.

Foodwall™ has a free standing frame to lift the garden off the ground to make access easy. Built using Australian materials means high quality and long life.

Assemble the Foodwall™ in minutes without the need for special tools.

Ergonomic – Plant and harvest while standing and reduce bending.
Water Level Setter – Controls water level of each connected row.
Wicking – Water efficiency maximised with soil cones to wick water up into the root zone even in dry weather.
Bottom Watering – Draws water up and leaves the top dry to discourage weeds from establishing.
Aeration Tray – An air layer between the soil and water maintains the health of the root zone.
Stacked Garden – Optimal light and shade for vegetables and herbs.
Growing Tubs – Contains 50 litres of potting mix, 20 litres of water and made from UV stabilised food grade plastic.
Time saving – Water only once a week and the dry surface means you weed less.
Long Lasting – Sturdy frame is built to withstand the harsh Australian weather. 10 year warranty.

Foodwall™ is currently available for residential and commercial installations. Contact us for commercial projects or visit our online shop:

Green Credentials

Water efficient wicking garden bed requires minimal watering for maximal productivity.
Reduce food miles to food metres by growing food at home.
Reuse organic waste by composting and adding it to your vertical garden.
Harvesting rain water in a tank and connect it to your vertical garden.
Designed and Made in Australia