Tilt and Turn Window

When it comes to performance in windows, nothing compares to a Tilt & Turn window. This window is a German designed and engineered product and is like nothing in it’s kind. The function of the window does that of exactly its name. It both tilts the top of the window in to allow for better air flow and also turns inwards to a full 90 degree opening. These windows in particular along with our Lift & Slide door have taken doors and windows to high end residential developments to a new level, and those wishing to experience the true benefits of thermal efficiency should understand this window. Sizing comes from 600mm to 2.4m high and 600mm to 1.4m wide (per sash). Double glazing comes standard with Tilt Turn windows, but have the ability to be glazed up to triple glazing.

One single handle operates the entire system and offers remarkable functionality and ease of operation with ‘Fort Knox’ level security. We can offer you a range of options such as French mullion allowing both panels to open with no joining post, electric or remote tilt only windows, tilt first and¬†aluminium or timber insect screens.