Betta Stone Recycled Glass Benchtops

By using waste glass that is destined for landfill or storage and repurposing it, Betta Stone is tying off the loose ends of Australia’s recycling industry all while stimulating economy.

Currently the 1.36 million tonnes of glass waste produced each year is piling up in warehouses and landfills across Australia. Betta Stone is taking these stagnant resources and converting them into high quality sustainable building materials for kitchens, restaurants, cafes and office spaces.

With around 35% of all recycling waste being glass, there is a major supply of otherwise wasted resources that Betta Stone has identified and now utilised.

Betta Stone products can be reused and reprocessed which creates an innovative loop system for glass to re-circulate through development and economy.

By engineering high end sustainable products from otherwise wasted material Betta Stone is changing the way “waste” is perceived across Australia.

Who is Betta Stone?

Betta Stone is an Australian based company who has invented technology which allows it to use recycled glass and binding agent to manufacture high quality, durable benchtops and Splashbacks.

Why Betta Stone?

a. Sustainable b. Average kitchen would rescue approximately 800 bottles from landfill c. Crystalline Silica Free* – safe to work with d. Recyclable e. UV protected (can be used outdoors) f. Australian Made

What are the benefits of the Betta Stone benchtops?

a. Hand crafted b. Easy maintenance c. More durable than marble or granite d. Less likely to crack than other engineered stone e. Less porous and more stain resistant than natural stone f. Range of colours and textures

How do I look after my Betta Stone benchtop?

The process for the cleaning and maintenance of Betta Stone benchtops is similar to other engineered stone benchtops

What size and what thicknesses do the slabs come in?

10mm and 20mm thickness.

How is the product cut?

Betta Stone Benchtops can be cut by conventional engineering stone cutting methods and is safe to work with

How is the product installed?

Betta Stone benchtops can be installed as per other engineered benchtops – but has the benefit of being lighter and stronger

What is the delivery cost?

In the current promotional phase, the above cost includes transport costs to wholesalers in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney and other major centers.

Why Betta Stone Bench tops have Unique Characteristics Patterns?

Vary depending as each slab as it is individually handcrafted giving unique characteristics. The composition of recycled glass particles used in the products may sometimes produce patterns such as crazing in the grains, blotches, spots, colored particles and sparkles. Betta Stone recommends where possible to view whole slab for its designs and texture.

Lead time?

The lead time for Betta Stone is 3-5 weeks however please enquire for stock on hand.


Green Credentials

Made from 100% recycled glass.