Vantage Series 618 Sliding Door

Are you building? Planning on building? Dreaming of building? This product is one of a kind and sure to make you ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’…read on!

Sliding doors have earned a reputation as the most versatile and practical door type for access to decks and patios. Sliding doors also score highly for delivering expansive views while remaining a cost effective solution.

Our sliding doors offer security and strength with substantial sliding door profiles. Our sliding doors provide smooth, quiet sliding through the use of our high performance rollers.

A range of sliding door configurations are available, with two-panel sliders and three-panel stacking systems. Other architectural options exist such as 90° corner sliding doors opening wide without a corner post in the centre.

Sliding doors have the advantage of being able to be left partly open for ventilation without the danger of wind gusts slamming the door shut.

Main features of Series 618 include:

  • each panel stacks in front of each other
  • option for it to slide straight into a wall cavity so that it is completely hidden
  • a flush sill can be incorporated for a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor areas
  • can be installed up to 6m wide with a single door or 12m wide with a dual system
  • high water resistance
  • 90° corner opening sliding door available

Other systems include:

Series 541 Residential Sliding Door (102 mm frame)


Project: Turramurra House. Architect: Justin Noxon. Fabricator: Great Lakes