Flinders House

A simple, playful, modern beach retreat for a young quirky family with fond memories of their fibro shack which once stood on the land. Pops of colours set against the natural, raw exterior and monochromatic palette internally compliment the homes coastal habitat.

Perfectly positioned, this getaway makes the most of sun throughout the day, especially in winter as large, north facing windows draw the light deep inside. This house is set deep into its long block but it opens up wholeheartedly to foster public interactions by breaking down the private and public zones encouraging connections with neighbours and the outdoor environment. This revival of nurturing local community was at the core of the design.

This home was completely customized from discreet detailing and bespoke joinery to the exquisite terrazzo hearth. The floorplan was tailored to the client’s vision of living, each of the 2 wings had a purpose one for living, eating and entertaining, the other for sleeping and bathing. These elements combined created a home that realised the owners desire for a sophisticated, yet relaxed and practical aesthetic.

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