Mountain Made – Australian manufactured recycled sheep wool hybrid insulation

Welcome to Mountain Made, Australian sheep wool hybrid insulation.  Australia’s first choice for Van Conversions, Tiny House and Passive Houses. After more than 20 years of development, sheep wool insulation technology has evolved to its optimum level of performance and sustainability. The wool content is a by product of local woolen carpet manufacture. Waste that was otherwise destined for landfill. This recycled and precious resource is mixed with the optimal minimum percentage of synthetic fibres to ensure bond, loft and long-term performance. The benefits of Mountain Made sheep wool hybrid insulation are as follows;

  • Sheep wool hybrid remains breathable and allows the transportation of moisture out of the building envelope
  • Sheep wool hybrid manages moisture by storing it and then releasing it over time, protecting timber structures from condensation
  • Sheep wool hybrid can purify the indoor environment by absorbing air pollutants
  • The energy used to produce sheep wool hybrid is very low when compared to synthetic fibres such as glass wool or polyester
  • The recycled content of sheep wool hybrid is 85%
  • Sheep wool hybrid insulation can be 100% recycled
  • Sheep wool hybrid insulation is safe to install and handle without safety gear
  • Mountain Made sheep wool hybrid insulation is 100% Australian owned, sourced and manufactured