Opening night at INVERT 2.0 MINI LIVING – BUILT BY ALL

Rob Adams, Director of City Design at the City of Melbourne launches INVERT 2.0 MINI LIVING – BUILT BY ALL, a collaboration between green magazine, MINI, the City of Melbourne and RMIT.

“We’re looking at the city and saying: ‘How do we repurpose it?’,” Rob Adams noted at the launch. “…Many of the clues are actually right here in this room tonight.”

INVERT 2.0 MINI LIVING – BUILT BY ALL presents hand drawings by 11 architecture practices and a model by RMIT Masters of Architecture and Masters of Landscape Architecture students, in response to a brief for an urban village on a site adjacent to Queen Victoria Market.

Find out about the INVERT 2.0 MINI LIVING – BUILT BY ALL talk series running 22 – 25 October here.

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