National Sustainable Living Festival 2019

Australia’s longest running and largest sustainability festival hits the streets in 2019 for its 20th year. This iconic, national platform showcases sustainability leaders and innovators with cutting edge solutions to an ever-growing audience.

Disruptions for sustainability are happening right now all around the world – whether it’s the explosion in clean energy uptake, the surge of urban agriculture, the growth of regenerative farming or the breakthroughs in zero waste – this is a movement that’s shaking up the norms for a green new deal.

This year, the festival’s program will present these disruptive solutions and change-makers to engage individuals and communities to spread the sustainability message around Melbourne and beyond.

With everything we care about now under threat, we must urgently address the climate emergency. Incremental small scale change just won’t make the cut. So, rapid action is now the only viable pathway for our protection. The festival explores the groundswell of support for a decade of deliberate clean disruption at the scale and speed required.

Join the festival for its 20th year and take part in the biggest disruption for sustainability yet.


THE BIG WEEKEND at Federation Square shines a spotlight on leading solutions to the ecological and social challenges we face. Attracting over 100 000 visitors throughout the three-day period, this event integrates interactive workshops, talks, demonstrations, artworks, exhibits, films and live performances. The Big Weekend features more than 200 exhibits, enterprises and initiatives presenting examples of reincarnated waste, sustainable fashion, urban farming, eco-building, the latest environmental campaigns, and the very best of local and sustainable food.

THE GREAT LOCAL LUNCH brings together over 250 backyard growers, food lovers and local farmers on the banks of the Yarra River to share in a unique four-course feast of local produce grown by the guests themselves. Hosted by Costa Georgiadis of ABC’s Gardening Australia, The Great Local Lunch is Australia’s largest “crowd-farmed” feast and is a delicious celebration of urban agriculture, native and seasonal ingredients, and sustainable food production.

TREADLIE BIKE HUB will provide everything for a life on two wheels. This hand-selected collection of bike stalls provides something for every kind of rider. The Treadlie Bike Hub will include bikes and accessories for touring and commuting along with a diverse range of electric bikes, all of which are available for a test ride.

HELENA NORBERG-LODGE (Sweden) The Economics of Happiness

Business leaders, mainstream economists and policymakers have pushed ever-increasing growth as the solution to our problems, but at what cost? Award-winning author, filmmaker and visionary, Helena Norberg-Hodge explores the impact of the global economy and international development on local communities, local economies and personal identity. Drawing connections between rampant consumerism, ecological destruction and spiritual poverty, Helena makes a case for a radically different paradigm. How can we change the systems we live by to create a better quality of life?

PETER ANDREWS The Decade of Ecosystem Restoration

As climate change cripples much of Australia’s farmland with devastating drought, farmers are begging for relief and looking for new ways to revive the land. As seen on ABC’s Australian Story, Peter Andrews has been developing regenerative agriculture techniques for over 40 years. Now, he’s planting the seed for a bold new vision. Join Peter at this feature festival event to find out not just how Australia’s landscape can be saved but how Australia can become a world leader in climate restoration.

SCHOOLED! Students Striking out for the Climate

They’re taking their ideas out of the classroom and onto the streets. Meet the kids who stepped up and skipped school Australia-wide to call for serious solutions addressing the climate emergency. Fresh from their school strike last November, these savvy students are changing the dynamics of the climate movement and refusing to back down on their demands for urgent action. What’s next for these school-aged activists? This is disruption without a permission slip. Featuring: Marco Bellemo, Jean Hinchcliffe, Harriet O’Shea-Carre, and Jagveer Singh.

A full event program is available on the festival website.

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