My Nana Says

A national campaign is being launched to encourage young women to reduce how much food they waste by sharing tips and good old fashioned adages that have come from their grannies.
The campaign “My Nana Says” is being run by 1 Million Women, the largest women’s movement in Australia acting on climate change, and hopes to use a bit of “Nanotechnology” to inspire young women to talk to, and learn from older women how not to waste food.
“In Australia, every one in five shopping bags of food gets wasted. That’s about four million tonnes of perfectly good food going to waste each year. This would have been unheard of when our Nanas were girls, so we’re looking for a little ‘Nanatechnology’ and inspiration to share around and stop food going to waste” says Natalie Isaacs, Founder of 1 Million Women.
Judged by legendary Australian Grandma, Margaret Fulton and her granddaughter Louise Fulton Keats, five winning submissions will receive a special day of pampering with their Nana (or special wise lady in their life) including a styled photo shoot.
Supporting the My Nana Says campaign are actors Caitlin Stacey and Melanie Vallejo, Environmentalist Anna Rose, nutritionist Lola Berry and TV host of ‘Everyday Gourmet’, Justine Schofield, who have shared their Nana’s tips:
“My Nan says to trust your intuition, it always knows best, in love, food and life.”
Lola Berry, Nutritionist.
“Meme would be the master of leftovers. She also would never throw anything. From using vegetables peels to make stocks to older root vegetables & secondary meat cuts to form beautiful family stews.” Justine Schofield, Chef.
“Grandma always taught me no matter what’s in the house you can always make puttanesca pasta which is so simple its just tomato and garlic and capers and olives and it’s a fabulous meal.” Louise Fulton Keats
“Cook in large amounts and freeze in single serves (or family size) in oven proof/microwave safe containers e.g. soups, stews, spaghetti bolognese, and ratatouille!” – Caitlin Stacey’s Grandma.
The five best tips or images as judged by Margaret and Louise Keats Fulton will spend a day of pampering and styled photo shoot with Andreas Smetana in Sydney. You have already said this above . I think this is just a repeat .
The My Nana Says competition launches on April 11 and closes on May 9.
How to enter:
To enter, SMS your name, email address and pic and/or tip to 0419 815 102, OR email it to [email protected] or enter via our facebook page
Winners will be notified via email and flown to Sydney to redeem their prize. For interview opportunities with our ambassadors or images please contact Jess Miller – 0409 490 711 or [email protected]

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